Garden State: Upcoming Vegan Music Festival & Launch Event

I am in awe of the number of vegan and environmentally-friendly festivals happening in our country. We have never been this privileged to participate in a variety of fun-filled leisure activities that cater for our (still very niche) vegan community. I just returned from two incredible weekends in the Platbos forest, volunteering for Vegilicious and working for The Fry’s Family Food Co. at GreenPop’s Reforest Festivals. It was my 3rd consecutive year attending the festival and yet again, it was an unbelievable experience. I’ll write up a post to share more about the festivals and the vegan advocacy work we conducted there soon.

If you didn’t attend the Reforest Festivals and feeling the FOMO, I have good news for you. On the 7th of April, leading music industry women, Jessamine County and Jessica Schnehage, are launching a brand-new vegan-friendly music festival called “Introducing Garden State”.  The launch event will introduce the upcoming food and music festival to guests and offer stellar entertainment from local and international artists.

Introducing Garden State - launch event

The Garden State festival, that will be held in the Garden Route at Peace of Eden in 2019, promises to be more than just music. The objective of the festival is to raise funds in support of indigenous reforestation after the devastating wild fires in 2017. The “Jesses” explain that it is about a state of mind that embraces curiosity, conscious lifestyle and social upliftment. The festival will also showcase an offering of delicious, ALL VEGAN food treats! The Garden State festival aims to connect ethical growers, bakers, brewers and brownie-makers, to put together an annual culinary, cruelty-free offering to festival goers. (So if you have something to yummy offer, I suggest you attend the launch event and chat to the girls.) I have had the culinary pleasure of tasting some of Jess’ vegan food on two occations before:

At the festival’s launch event on the 7th, Jess and Jess will also introduce GreenPop as a Festival partner and tell attendees more about the Eden Festival of Action taking place in the Garden Rute in July. GreenPop aims to plant 5000 trees in Knysna’s fire-damaged zones.

So… if you are keen on finding out more about the festival, grab your tickets for the launch event and join in for a night of vegan indulgence, creative art, interactive spaces and incredible entertainment (after the Fry’s AGM of course). The Early Bird (phase 1) tickets are already sold out and only 300 tickets are available, so hurry up if!  Herewith the launch event details:

“Introducing Garden State” launch event:

  • Date: Saturday, 7 April 2018
  • Time: 3pm – 2am
  • Venue: Centre for the Book, 62 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town
  • Tickets: R420 (early bird phase 2) / R590 (general) / R1200 (VIP) available at and includes an array of intriguing and progressive live music, a showcase of creative art, plant-based cuisine and unexpected spaces for engagement.

For more information, to see the line-up of artist and to interact with other event attendees and festival goers, visit:

Vegan love,

Leo xx

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