Cooking LIVE on the Afternoon Express TV show

I finally got my five minutes of fame…TWICE! The past two Mondays I had the incredible opportunity to feature on the Afternoon Express show, introducing viewers to the Green Monday movement and whipping up two wonderful vegan dishes for them to try at home. It is a dream come true cooking on national television and a wonderful way of promoting veganism in South Africa. I’ve always joked about being #almostfamous, and even though I’ve made a debut or two during my SA Weddings days, nothing has been more rewarding than sharing my passion for a plant-based lifestyle with 2.7 million viewers. I wholeheartedly hope that the feature brought about awareness to why animal agriculture is the most destructive industry on earth, and inspired even just a few South Africans to be open-minded towards eating green – not only to improve their own health, but also to lessen their carbon and water footprints and, of course, to help save animals.

The theme for the first show (29 May 2017) was cooking with pulses, and so I whipped up Green Monday’s lentil, pea and sweet potato curry recipe for the demonstration. It is a cosy and comforting dish that is easily prepared in under an hour, using only one pan!

The second show (5 June 2017) focussed on season vegetables – specifically mushrooms. We refer to these little white buttons as “meaty” vegetables since they make for a great meat alternative in soups, stews and sauces. White button mushrooms are affordable and available in abundance, and they are high in selenium that improves our immune systems – perfect to eat in winter to fight the infamous flu. Chef Clem demonstrated our Green Monday quinoa and sweet potato burger patties and to incorporate mushrooms, I made my favourite creamy cashew mushroom sauce.

Thank you to Woolworths and Afternoon Express for the opportunity to be featured and for everyone who watched the shows and supported me on social media. But most of all, thank you to my bestie and colleague, Valentina, for helping me rehearse the demos, snapping away Boomerang clips while I cooked live, and opening a bottle of wine to celebrate with me afterwards! I hope this is the first of many broadcast features – who knows, one day I might even have my own cooking show 😉

Vegan love, Leo xx

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