{Review} Fry’s Annual Green Meeting

Last Saturday saw The Fry Family Food Co’s 3rd Annual Green Meeting inspiring change in the hearts and minds of Cape Town’s conscious community.  Over 200 veg-friendly folks gathered at the urban-chic Jack Black Brewery to be addressed by some of the most influential vegan speakers, locally and abroad. I have been fortunate to attend all three of #FrysAGM events and can justly (and now unbiasedly) say that the team put forth a debonair affair!

Among the many drawcards of this inspirational event, was a presentation by Keegan Kuhn (co-director of the documentaries, Cowspiricay and What the Health) and the official reveal of yet another phenomenal Fry’s product. Not to mention the never-ending spread of mouth-watering vegan food. Tickets were sold out long before the event date and those who missed out were dished with a serious case of fomo. If that includes you, grab a tissue because here comes a glimpse of the dapper day…


The speakers: Tammy Fry, marketing director of The Fry’s Family Food Co, opened the session with the Fry’s story: Crafting Food, Inspiring Change. This was followed by Dr Paul Palmer who debunked everyday soy myths (something we all face to explain during our vegan journey). After the break, Donovan Will enthused the crowd with a talk on effective vegan advocacy (proud ex-girlfriend moment), while Professor David Bilchitz shed a light on animal rights within the South African legislation. During the last session, Misha Teasdale uplifted guests with his success story behind GreenPop and finally, Keegan closed the night with a standing ovation after sharing his experiential learnings around animal agriculture and environmentalism.


The product launch: Behold the newest novelty from The Fry Family Food Co – KASHA! A high protein, plant-based breakfast cereal that doubles as a smoothie mix. KASHA is made from oat flour, maize, soy protein, buckwheat and the superfood moringa, and can be enjoyed with a simple dash of nut milk, mixed into your favourite smoothies or as a sports drink. From middle May, KASHA will be fuelling South Africans with two flavours – Vanilla & Chia and Cocoa. All #FrysAGM guests received a tub of Kasha, which comes in a beautifully designed, fully recyclable container. Check out my Instagram feed to see how I used KASHA in a few ravishing recipes.




The food: The age-old question remains… what do vegans eat? Well on Saturday attendees truly indulged in the most fantastic Fry’s feast! A scrumptious selection of canapes were crafted by veggie duo Jess and Jen HB from Peace of Food:

  • Mediterranean phyllo tarts stuffed with Fry’s Polony, sautéed zucchini and pesto princess sundried tomato.
  • Beetroot, butternut and Violife Mozarella Bites roasted in a teriyaki glaze with walnuts.
  • Fry’s prawn skewer, with pickled ginger and ribbon cucumber, drizzled with a sweet chilli and soy dressing.
  • Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls with fresh dhania and chilli peanut satay sauce.
  • Fry’s beef-style strips on flatbread with B-Well Mayo, mint tzatziki, red cabbage and Pesto Princess basil pesto.
  • Fry’s Schnitzel squares with creamy mushroom and thyme.
  • Fry’s mince meatball marinara with chopped parsley and grated Violife
  • Lime dressed fruit skewers with a maple, ginger and cardamom syrup and coconut sprinkles.
  • Basket of Fry’s nuggets an assortment of sauces.



  • Chicken-style or beef-style Fry’s burgers and hotdogs from Moreish Eatery food truck – owned by an old friend Tristen Beebe 🙂


The goodie bags: As if the KASHA, the food feast and the speakers weren’t enough, guests were also gifted with a gorgeous goodie bag, plant-packed with products worth over R300! A Fry’s Voucher worth R35, a container of B-Well mayonnaise, a packet of Herbivore Kale chips, vegan biltong samples from Oh! Poppyseed, a coconut and cocoa grizzly bar from RUSH, a packet of Nutritional Yeast, a packet of Wazoogles, a designer sticker pack from Fry’s, a notebook from Fry’s and two recipe books from Fry’s. What spoilt little vegans we are.


Among the friendly, familiar faces that I see way too infrequently were Toni from Beauty Without Cruelty, Jo and Dylan from the South African Vegan Society, Jamie from Ginger and Lime Food Studio, Dave from VFoods, Johann from EcoMaties, Gemma from EcoGemGem and, of course, all my friends and colleagues from the Vegilicious team who sold sweet treats at the AGM as part of this year’s World Wide Vegan Bake Sale.



The #FrysAGM was all about inspiring change and empowering people with the tools they need to create change. Not a single guest could depart uninspired to go out and make an even bigger difference to the South African vegan scene. Kudos to the plant-powered team from Fry’s (Don, Claire, Jono, Amy, Mandy, Tammy and Ishvar) for pulling off the vegan event of the year – I am still dancing with delight at your tremendous effort and I am proud to have shared in your passion!

Vegan love, Leo xx

4 thoughts on “{Review} Fry’s Annual Green Meeting

  1. Awesome post ☺

    Just a thought – perhaps you should change “surviving vegan in the Mother City” to “Thriving vegan in the Mother City” – because that’s clearly what you’re doing! 😉


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