A Touch of Starlight – Vegan Pop-Up Party

An evening of sparkles, bubbles, city lights and gourmet vegan delicacies. A Touch of Starlight was delightful and glamorous, yet humble and comforting. On Sunday, I had the privilege of attending this intimate event hosted by Flavamingo Events, Troupe Events and Edible Beyond Groceries. It was one of the most magical evenings I’ve experienced in a while. Karoline Kristen, a vegan chef and owner of Flavamingo Events, recently joined the Green Monday movement I manage in South Africa and generously invited me to attend her private pop-up party.


It was a frivolous gathering of like-minded folk who had no intention or objective other than enjoying new company and tasting Karoline’s edible art. The theme was Outrageous with a hint (or a handful) of gold and since I haven’t had the opportunity to wear one of my glitzy cocktail dresses, I jumped at the opportunity to slip on a sparkly little number. Welcome canapes mimicked salmon & cream cheese blinis but to our (relieving) surprise, the “salmon” was, in fact, salt-roasted carrots that Karoline marinated over the course of two days. The textures and flavors were incredible – it is mind-blowing to think that a crunchy carrot can be manipulated so beautifully to represent soft and silky salmon.


After starters, we made our way to the guesthouse’s indigenous garden for mains and dessert. On the slopes of Table Mountain, we nestled together under parasols and hoops dangling from the fairy-lit branches. We sipped on pretty pink rosewater & gin potions and giggled to background lyrics of Stephen Lynch.

Image-1 (1)STA_3556STA_3564Image-1 (7).jpg

Mains included three designer canapes and a gourmet build-your-own sandwich bar…


  • Roasted Red Peppers + Confit Tomato + Nasturtium-Basil Oil + Caramelized Onion + Macadamia Feta
  • Baby Brinjals + “Crème Fraiche” + Pomegranate
  • Wild Green Pancakes + Dune Spinach + Purslane + Smashed Peas + Pea Shoots + Snap Dragons

Image-1 (3)

Gourmet sandwich fillings:

  • Beetroot Tahini
  • Smashed Peas
  • Edible Flowers
  • Wild Pesto
  • Avo & Wood Sorrel
  • Pink Pickled Turnips
  • Faux Gras
  • Caramelised Onions

Since I always (try to) style my food for Insta posts, I had a blast painting my sandwich slices with the bright and beautiful spread. Dessert was a terrific treat too: shimmering chocolate malva truffles + figs dipped in chocolate with candied hazelnuts.

Image-1 (5)Image-1 (6)Image-1 (9)Image-1 (10)STA_3671Image-1 (11)STA_3695

Thank you for the enchanted evening, Karoline and Co! Wishing you all the best with your trip to Berlin and excited to hear about your culinary adventures. Keep up to date with what Flavamingo Events, Troupe Events and Edible Beyond Groceries are planning by following their social media accounts:

Flavamingo Events:

Troupe Events:

Edible Beyond Groceries:

Vegan Love, Leo xx

* Thank you, Andres Lizana Prado, for images 2, 6, 7, 14, 16. 

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