Vegan Goods Market (4 Feb 2017)

Epic fail… arriving at the Vegan Goods Market late and missing out on vegan cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, burgers, quiches and lasagne! I never thought that not finding parking would make me as happy as it did today. Knowing that hundreds of friendly folks are gathering inside the walls of Khanyisa Waldorf School to feast on local plant-based delights, brings about a bursting sense of joy. It is wonderful to witness the vegan movement slowly blossoming into a mainstream norm. Today was the very first Vegan Goods Market of the year, and I honestly cannot wait to see how it will transform by the end of 2017.

Being the first of the year, I should’ve known that it is an anticipated event for many hungry herbivores. The doors opened at 10:00 and when I arrived at 11:15, empty containers were evident of an already successful event. Fortunately, the vendors catered for latecomers and I found an abundance of gorgeous goodies to gobble down. A few familiar faces included Brett Thompson (Beyond Carnism), Sarah Lee Beckett (Vegan Goods Market), Dylan Barsby (South African Vegan Society) and girlfriend Michelle Horrigan, Misha Teasdale (Greenpop), Kim Thought (Ladle of Love), Kathryn J. Wicht & Rebecca Whitehead (Vegilicious), Francesca Annenberg (Francesca Eats Roses), Gemma Dawn (Eco GemGem) and good friend Anika Kruger.


But first – an Almond Breeze Latte from Cosmic Cafe.


Stunning sweet treats from Healthful Amy.


Anika & me and Anika & kie.


Chickpea cakes from Laddle of Love ( I will be helping Kim to set up her Facebook page soon).


Dylan and Michelle enjoying ice cream from Coco Caju.


These falafel pitas were a massive hit and sold out soon after I snatched this pic.


Mine! Today I finally purchased my first Eco GemGem shirt (R280). I love the quirky design and comfy cut. Order yours via Faithful-To-Nature or


Gemma’s gorgeous faux leather handbags. Definitely my next purchase!


I really don’t have a sweet tooth,  but there was no way I was leaving the market without a raw, vegan, dark chocolate and salted caramel slice from Novaturient!

What a marvellous morning of compassion! Be sure to not to miss the next market on the 4th of March – and be sure to arrive on time 😉

Vegan love,

Leo xx

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