{Review} Masala Dosa Indian Restaurant

Masala Dosa Restaurant Cape Town

Happy vegan week South Africa! What a phenomenal opportunity we have to unite as one compassionate family and give the world a glimpse of our plant-based regimes. To encourage and enhance veganism during this week, Beauty Without Cruelty asked a few South African restaurants to show their support by offering vegan delights on their menu. This not only provides us veggies the pleasure of ordering a substitute free dish but also offers our non-vegan comrades the opportunity to try something different – and in an ideal world, contemplate to convert.

As Sebastian and I also support GreenMondaySA, we decided to jumpstart vegan week with our favorite cuisine – Indian! Masala Dosa is an intimate little eatery situated in the buzzing heart of the Mother City. The name is derived from a popular South Indian breakfast dish, which we were overly excited to try. One of the biggest attractions to this specific Indian restaurant is the fact that they offer a variety of modernized Indian dishes, unlike the traditional. They also offer a fully VEGAN MENU! From the innovative starters to the interesting beverages, every item on this menu has already been altered to suit our plant-based needs.

Masala Dosa Vegan Indian Menu

Vegan masala magic lassi from Masala Dosa Restaurant

To drink, I ordered the vegan masala magic lassi, which was absolutely divine. It is a smoothie-like made with banana, coconut, sweet Indian spices, rose and cashew nuts. Be careful of digging in too quickly though, it is quite filling so save a sip for after dinner. We decided to order two starters to share: the Vasi (R39) which is four portions of lentil savory doughnuts filled with chilli, ginger, coconut & coriander, and the Aloo Bombs (R40) four potato, rice & coriander balls with a chilli center and coated in crispy crackles. Following our starters, Sebastian ordered the Traditional Masala Dosa (55) – a rice and lentil crepe that is vegan, wheat-free and fat-free, served with potato curry, coconut chutney, and sambal.  I opted for the Thali (72) which includes a variety of curry-tasters, served with rice, a poppadom and a puri (Indian puff bread).

Masala Dosa Vegan Indian Eatery in Cape Town Masala Dosa Vegan Indian Eatery in Cape Town Masala Dosa Vegan Indian Eatery in Cape Town Masala Dosa Vegan Indian Eatery in Cape Town

The food was exceptionally created and truly tasty. Plentiful and flavourful, however, Sebastian and I both like our curry really spicy, which this was not. When asked for something on the side to add a bit of heat to our dishes, nothing was available and so that was the only let-down of the evening. Would we return? Most definitely, and I encourage all Cape Town Vegans to experience their wholesome, aromatic cuisine.

Contact Masala Dosa:

Have you experienced Masala Dosa before? If so, what was your favorite dish?

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