{Review}: Organic cruelty-free hair colour and care

In my search of finding organic beauty, I focussed my attention to hair care.  After 14 years of chemically highlighting my locks, I was in desperate need of finding a friendlier solution to getting the hair colour I desire, without the damage. My desperation lead me straight to organic heaven – GogiSpa, a 100% natural, all-inclusive spa and hair salon situated right around the corner from my home. GojiSpa is the sole South African distributor for the certified organic hair colour, hair styling and hair care product range, Organic Colour Systems, and I could not wait to give it a go.

My first visit to the salon was purely hair-related. I wanted to up my ombre in the most organic way possible, and also try out one or two of their treatment products. It is important to understand that it is impossible for hair colour to be 100% organic, however, Organic Colour Systems is the first-ever range of permanent colours made from the maximum amount of certified organic ingredients and the minimum amount of chemicals. OCS found that human hair responds better to natural ingredients and so they developed four hair care ranges that will give you a beautiful colour without the damage of ammoniac-based products. Chemicals such as ammonia strip your hair from its natural oils which give it a healthy shine, whereas OCS maintains your hair’s moisture balance.

Organic Colour Systems 1

To establish the current condition of my dry and brittle hair, Cindy (my divine hair dresser at GogiSpa) did the OCS stretch test. When pulled, healthy hair stretches 30% of its length and then returns to its natural state. Mine stretched, without breaking, but returned to a crinkly state – confirming the damage done over the years. So to prepare my brittle hair, we needed to strengthen it first. Cindy started with the Power Build shampoo, followed by Power Build revamp spray on the dead ends and topped it with the Power Build mask. The products have a beautiful, refreshing citrus smell from the organic sunflower seed extract and natural extracts of apple, lemon and green tea. It is designed to add strength and volume to fine and weak hair and also renews the shine and suppleness. Finally it preps the hair for colour retention. After the treatment, it was time to get colouring, which was eventually followed by the same treatment routine mentioned above. This time around, Cindy added the Aqua boost treatment with certified organic aloe, natural black oat extract, vitamin B5 and lecithin to nourish my dry hair and leave it naturally moisturised, smooth and shiny. Another stretch test, without a crinkly outcome, proved that OCS not only gave me a glamorous new look, but also nourished my hair in the process.

Organic Colour Systems 2

As mentioned, OCS have four ranges for you to choose from in order to find the products to suit your hair’s needs. My optimum range is a balance of Aqua Boost and Power Build. The other two ranges are Soothe Plus for sensitive scalps and Status Quo for everyday use. This is topped by a range of silicone-free styling products – including a dry shampoo! Their colour chart is also extremely diverse – from frosty platinum and hazelnut hues, to powder pink or electric blue. There is no limit to getting the look you want – the healthy way!

WHATS MORE: All OCS products are gentle on sensitive skin and no products )or ingredients are tested on animals. The range is accredited by Choose Cruelty Free, which means that they don’t test on animals and that no animals have been harmed in order to manufacture our ingredients or products. OCS is also a member of the Cosmetics Toiletry & Perfumery Association that regulates the safety of cosmetic products in the UK. They use energy-efficient, low-carbon methods wherever possible and all packaging is recyclable.

Organic hair colour by Organic Colour Systems Organic hair colour by Organic Colour Systems

My second visit to GojiSpa included a relaxing and rejuvenating 30-minute Swedish Massage, along with a reflexology foot massage. Janine, my therapist, was gentle and caring, yet thorough. She used a cupping method along with Lilian Terry International‘s Pure Energy Back Formula Massage Oil to remove tension from my back and shoulders, without causing discomfort.


Overall, I enjoyed a fantastic experience at GojiSpa. I am truly receiving amazing feedback for my hair’s rich, radiant colour and soft, subtle state and I am at ease knowing that I am caring for my hair in the best way possible. I am also intrigued to experience many more treatments GojiSpa has on offer – and of course to indulge in their various ranges of cruelty-free spoils.

Contact details:

  • Contact number:  21 914 8606
  • Email: natural@gojispa.co.za
  • Address: Level 1 (Above Woolworths), Willowbridge Lifestyle Centre, Tygervalley,Cape Town
  • For more information on hair@GojiSpa and to view their pricelist, visit their website here.
  • To find out all you desire about Organic Colour Systems, take a look here.
  • You can also follow GojiSpa on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with their latest specials and promotions.

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