{What I Eat Vegan Wednesdays} 5 August 2015

Within a blink of an eye I find myself typing up yet another What I eat Vegan Wednesday post. Isn’t it heartrending how quickly time passes us by? I recently listened to a podcast by Joyce Meyer on the hurry habit and how we rush past life in such a rapid race. Joyce said that we pursue pleasure with such breathless pace, that we actually hurry right past it. A terrible truth. In today’s age, when you ask someone how they are doing, the most common answer is – busy. We need to stop the clock and take time to enjoy this life we work so hard for. Cooking and writing are the two things that bring me personal peace, and it’s strange how those are the mere activities I never rush doing. I can truly spend hours in the kitchen, playing with savouring flavours. Or dig deep to find the words to express the fruitful wisdom I wish to share.  Taking this time is not wasting time, as my words inspire the brides-to-be I write for at work, and the vegan followers I write for from home. And, of course, my cooking inspires and satisfies Sebastian’s appetite.

Today I honored my time by cooking (and eating) slowly, going for a long-overdue jog, and lying in bed typing up this post right now. I hope when reading this you too are sitting down with a cup of steaming tea, taking a mere minute for “me”.

What I Eat Vegan Wednesdays :: 5 August 2015

Wake up: A cup of Tea Nation’s The Kiwi Life Green Tea

Breakfast: My vanilla banana oatmeal smoothie. I have been having this exact smoothie for breakfast every morning for the past two weeks. It is seriously my favourite and just such an easy to plan and prepare. All I need to buy fresh once week is three bananas for each day – the rest is dried stocked up in my pantry! PS: how lovely are my Tiffany-blue gelish nails from Sorbet?

Vanilla banana rolled oats smoothie raw vegan

Snack: Three small, but sweet naartjies and a cup of rooibos tea

Lunch: A very simple salad of lettuce, celery, red pepper, yellow pepper, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar

Simple vegan salad

Snack: Another two small sweet naartjies and a cup of rooibos tea. I also had one cup of coffee with Canderel’s vanilla sweetener later in the afternoon. Not that I needed the caffeine, but I was craving something cosy in the cold.

Pre-run snack: One cup of rice. I was quite hungry when I got home and felt like I needed some cooked carbs to get me going.

Dinner: Half a butternut squash, which I grilled in the oven with a teaspoon of olive oil and cinnamon, but no salt. This was stuffed with one serving of Know’s Rice Mate – Mild Breyani.  On the side I also had four Portobello mushrooms, cooked from fresh with no added oil and no salt.

Vegan butternut squash stuffed with Breyani rice

The Rice Mate is something new that Sebastian tried tonight. I was under the impression that it contains milk powder, but to my delight we found Rice Mate to be accidentally vegan! Also, I only managed to finish half of the butternut squash as my eyes were just too big for my little stomach.

Accidentally vegan Know Rice Mate

Other consumed items included fresh water, especially after my jog, and another cup of herbal chamomile tea just before bedtime. All in all, it was another successful 801010 High Carb Low Fat day which ended on a ratio of 84 % carbs, 8% protein and 8% fats. I consumed a total of 1461.2 kilo-calories and burnt 1793 kilo-calories with my daily activities (walking, working, cooking, driving) and my 30 minute light jog. Unbelievable isn’t it? Well it’s true, take a look at my fully-listed CRON-O-Meter analysis below. Wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful season ahead!

Cronometer Analysis 5 August 2015 801010 HCLF vegan diet

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