{What I Eat Vegan Wednesdays} 8 July 2015

The importance of knowing what you put into your body and how much you put into your body is inevitable. I have been watching What I eat Wednesday videos on Youtube to try and grasp the amounts of fruit High Carb Low Fat vegans consume in one day. My daily food intake is significantly lower but I believe it will increase as I get accustomed to this lifestyle. In the interim I have decided to upload my own What I Eat blog features. These will serve as purpose for my own discipline and reference and also reveal to non-vegans that we eat more than just carrots.

What I Eat Vegan Wednesdays :: 8 JULY 2015

Breakfast: Green lemon smoothie (318 calories)


Mid-morning snack: An apple, two sticky medjool dates and a cup of lemon & ginger tea (118 calories)

Lunch: Raw pasta: Oodles of zoodles with an avocado and basil pesto cream and topped with Health Connection Wholefood’s Nutritional Yeast Flakes (251 calories)

Mid-afternoon snack: Coffee with vanilla-flavoured sweetener (2 calories) and a dash of soy milk (38 calories) along with one piece of vegan-friendly Turkish delight (40 calories)

Dinner: Corn on the cob (220 calories) with a medley of roasted veggies (285 calories)

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Late-night snack: A bowl of lightly salted popcorn (122 calories)

IMG_9455 At the end of the day I consumed a total of 1432 calories and went to bed pleased with a food score of 8.4. Having 266 calories remaining for the day was an interesting and satisfying reveal. Even though I am currently bedridden with a bad dose of laryngitis, my body still managed to burn a total of 1698 calories through everyday household activities. With my UP Jawbone bracelet it is easy to track both my intake of food and calories burnt through daily steps and exercise. To be honest, it did take a bit of effort to log single food items and ingredients after every meal but it was worth seeing the outcome at the end of the day.For vegans this is of extreme importance as we need to monitor our nutrient intake more carefully than non-vegans. The UP Jawbone bracelet also vibrates when you have been inactive for too long, forcing you to move away for your desk and doing the necessary daily movement. Ofcourse the more you move, the more calories you are allowed to consume.

Here’s to the first of many What I Eat Vegan Wednesdays, promoting healthy, exciting and cruelty-free vegan meals!

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