{Review} Maharajah Vegetarian

Tonight Sebastian and I delighted our appetites with pure vegetarian Indian Cuisine. We used our Groupon voucher from Maharajah Vegetarian, which offered any two vegetarian curries at merely R65. It is not easy finding a restaurant with an abundant of vegan options that caters for both me and my non-veg boyfriend, so this was an unbelievable offer we couldn’t pass by.

Maharajah Vegetarian is a hidden little gem, tucked away in central Rondebosch (opposite the Woolworths Foods in Main Road). This 20-seater restaurant has been around for 13 years, striving to create happiness through food and inspiring the take-out industry with meat-free dishes that are healthy and delicious.  Definitely my type of restaurant! Their dishes are based on a lacto-vegetarian diet, however they cater for us vegans as well. I can honestly declare that I had a feast!

IMG_6160 IMG_6156 IMG_6151

Their overall offering includes everything from appetizers to traditional (vegan) Indian curries, to wraps and roti’s, condiments, Indian drinks and even vegan desserts. Since I have been craving samosas for months, I was overjoyed to indulge into the potato and coriander deep-fried goodness (R4). Oh Indian snack food, my heart rejoices! For mains, the waiter suggested that I try the vegetable Biryani (R55) with cauliflower and aubergine, accompanied by a lentil dal. Sebastian opted for the Butter Chicken (R59) which was spicy soy chicken strips cooked in an even spicier, creamy sauce. On the side we received a tomato and onion salad for the heat and we also ordered a Papadam each (R3).

IMG_6113Indian feast at maharajahIndian feast IMG_6134IMG_6165IMG_6140

Every bite was delightful. Sebastian willingly admitted that he didn’t even miss the ‘real chicken’ in his dish – for a moment he truly forgot he was enjoying a meat-free meal. The portions are substantial and the prices really reasonable. I had to order half of my meal as a take-away as I literally could not manage another bite. With us making use of Groupon’s staggering R65 special, our bill came to a whole R10!!! Can you even image?

Thank you to the spice masters for a magnificent meal! We will definitely be visiting Maharajah Vegetarian again soon. Veggies, I encourage you to give them a try as well and remember to keep your eyes peeled to Groupon’s daily deals  – they have amazing specials that surprisingly cater for our vegan needs as well.

Contact Maharajah Vegetarian:

Do you love Indian cuisine? What is your favourite vegan Indian dish?

4 thoughts on “{Review} Maharajah Vegetarian

  1. I feel the same way about the place 🙂 A colleague gave me the same voucher as a gift. I haven’t used it yet, though I did go try the place myself recently as I was in the neighborhood. Delicious! I look forward to using the voucher – strict veg – and I know I’ll be back. The variety is fantastic. So much still to taste…

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    • Oh yes, I am already planning my next meal for when I return. It is such a bliss having a full, flavorsome menu to choose from! Next time I will definitely try to leave space for dessert as well.


  2. Great review, gonna be heading there very soon. Most reviews on healthy vegan vegetarian and raw foods focus on restaurants in the city, so it’s refreshing to read about the southern suburbs. Thanks!

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    • Thanks so much lovely, the Southern Suburbs and the Northern Suburbs have ample great restaurants for us veggies, it’s just a matter of finding them 😊 Definitely give Maharajah a visit, you won’t be disappointed!


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