Couture Creature – Vegans and their pets

There’s nothing more beautiful than the love vegans share for animals. We see it in the compassion they cook with, the power they petition with and the gentleness they caress with. To capture this love on camera, photographer and friend Abigail K started a personal project called Couture Creature in which she photographs vegans with the creatures they love the most – their pets.

The Couture Creature shoot forms part of her photography service offering – Couture Portrait Shoots, which is her speciality.  It would count as one of the three looks the client receives and includes wardrobe, hair, makeup and prints -depending on the package you prefer. During this project Abigail has shot some familiar faces in the South African Vegan scene including Luan from AVO (African Vegan Outreach Organisation), Toni Brockhoven from BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) and… ME!

Leo & Zeus

Abigail K Photography - Leozette and Zeus 1 Abigail K Photography - Leozette and Zeus 2

Leozette Molteno Dress 3 Leozette Molteno Dress 2

 Leozette Molteno Dress 4 Leozette Molteno Dress 1

It was such a beautiful experience shooting with my Staffie puppy, Zeus, and telling my story on why I became vegan and how much I love this little boy. I felt like a warrior princess in the Molento Creations original I was dressed in with a contrasting makeup palette of soft hues done by makeup artists and best friend, Sherilee. You can view my feature on Abigail K’s website here as well as other Couture Creature shoots here.

Seriously, how adorable is that face? A Couture Creature shoot is not only a fantastic gift and opportunity for the vegans of South Africa, but it is also serves as a good cause. For each of the Couture Creature packages sold, Abigail is donating a percentage on behalf of her client to Beauty Without Cruelty SA. If you would like to express the love you have for your pet and book a Couture Creature shoot with Abigail K, kindly contact her on 076 129 7631 or at  For more information and rates, kindly visit the Abigail K Photography website.

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