{REVIEW} Woolworths cruelty-free cosmetics

Ever since I discovered that most of my favourite makeup brands are sadly being tested on animals, I have been on the hunt for cruelty-free cosmetics. Initially I thought that I had an impossible task ahead of me, but luckily I met Toni Brockenhoven and came across the Beauty Without Cruelty SA website who brought about some light to my situation.  I was overjoyed to see that the Woolworths Colour Cosmetics range has made the cut and is approved by Beauty Without Cruelty. My mom has been using their range for years and from playing around with her makeup over the years, I knew it was a good brand buy into. So I popped down to my nearest Woolworths retailer and spoilt my makeup bag with the following goodies:

Oh Woolworths, you make me blush* This Lip and Cheek tint, which is available in both pink and coral, is one of my favourite buys. It is a cream-based blush and applies very easily using your fingertips. It is soft and subtle and did not irritate my sensitive skin. Best of all, it is long-lasting and very affordable as well (R49.95). For me this is the perfect go-to product to keep in your clutch as you can quickly doll up your lips and cheeks when you look a little gloomy.

- The first batch of glorious goodies I bought

– The first batch of glorious goodies I bought

Since I am a huge mascara fan I purchased two of their mascaras, the first one being Wink False Lash Mascara for R49.95. I love the name, packaging and beautiful smell of rose water, but I must be honest… it is not a product I will buy again. The wand was bent when I opened it and although the mascara gave me length, it did clump a bit and it didn’t last me the whole day. ON THE CONTRARY, Woolworths 3-In-1 Mascara is possibly the BEST mascara I have EVER used! It is available in waterproof and non-waterproof (I purchased the waterproof due to the fact that the raining season is upon us) for R140.00 each.  The 3-In-1 Mascara is formulated to create great volume, maximum length and natural curl – and it does exactly that! It also has silicone bristles which I prefer above all the rest. During my Bride of the Year event a colleague borrowed the mascara from me and was as crazy about the product as I am. Another one for team cruelty-free!

lashes 1

– Lashes for days! All natural with a touch of Woolworths

Paint nail polish in AQUATIC – don’t you just love this colour? I adore it and I can honestly say that this polish applied effortlessly. I was a bit skeptical about the polish being so cheap (a mere R29.95 a bottle) and thought it might be sticky and messy, but I was pleasantly surprized when it wasn’t. Paint is available in 18 beautiful colours and I am strongly considering buying them all!

- How cute is the tutie fruitie nail art I applied over my paint polish?

– How cute is the tutie fruitie nail art I applied over my paint polish?

The final products I purchased were the Woolworths Smoothing Primer (R199.95)  and the Woolworths Longwear Max Cover Foundation SPF20. I believe in applying a primer before your foundation as it smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles and transform your skin into the perfect canvas for make-up application. This primer is lightweight and has a smooth, silky, silicone feel to it. It is not sticky and you don’t need much to cover your entire face. Following the Smoothing Primer, the Longwear Foundation applies easily with a foundation brush, sponge or your fingertips and blends beautifully with your skin. It provides medium to heavy coverage ad lasts me about 8 hours – that said, I am prone to touch my face often during the course of the day so it might actually last longer than it does on my skin. The Longwear Max Cover Foundation SPF20 (30ml) retails for R120.00 and the bottle has last me for  nearly two months now – not bad at all!

If you are trying to refill your makeup bag with cruelty-free cosmetics, I would definitely suggest starting with the Woolworths range. It is so diverse, affordable and it really is great quality products. Start slowly – buy the basics first and gradually build up your collection product by product. And remember to always look at the back of the box for the bunny sign ❤

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