Congratulations ME! #LiveLifeWell winner

You might remember my blog post asking for your help with Wellness Warehouse’s #LiveLifeWell competition a little while ago. I just started off my vegan journey when I came across this incredible competition that offered a R20 000 wellness makeover to the winner. The participating sponsors provided goodies that every health-junkie could only dream about and I really needed these goodies to push my veganism and healthy lifestyle in the right direction. Well I owe the biggest thank you to each and every person who voted for me… because I won!!!


Wellness Warehouse gifted me with R20 000’s worth of tools to help me Live Life Well. Amongst the fabulous prizes was a R3000 Wellness Warehouse gift card which I used to buy my high-power OmniBlend blender– a necessity that I required urgently to make delicious vegan dishes! Other #LiveLifeWell prizes included:

  • Yoga gear and equipment as well as an awesome hoodie and bright pink t-shirt from Just Sports. Gareth delivered the parcel to my office personally in a giftbag as pink as my pretty t-shirt (they definitely know what a girly-girl I am). Since it was quite nippy that day, I actually put the hoodie on as soon as Gareth exited the door.  It is so comfy; I am definitely going to be living in it this winter!
  • A yoga top from Yoga Shmoga -lovely yellow long-sleeve top, but it is too big for me though 😦
  • A pair of fitness sandals from FitFlop – I opted for the sparkling, sophisticated ASTRID toe-thong sandals and I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable shoes I own (and believe me, I own a lot of shoes)! The biomechanically engineered, standard MICROWOBBLEBOARD™ midsole of the sandal helps with shock absorption and instant underfoot pressure diffusion. After one wear it takes on the form of your foot and provides you with the exact support you need.
  • Skin Tightening treatments from Face 2 Fresh 
  • A consultation and individualised eating plan from CT Dietitian, Kelly Shreuder
  • A month’s unlimited group yoga classes from Follow the Sun as well as a copy of the Follow The Sun book which I am extremely excited to read. I started yoga for the first time about a month ago and even though I love cardio training, yoga brought about a calmness in my life that I now cannot live without. I am especially fond of hot bikram yoga as it detoxes my mind and body completely.
  • Almond milk from La Mandorle (which I finished within the first two days)
  • A Green Shake, Super Shake and Chia Meal from my favourite brand, Soaring Free Superfoods. I have been using their products since the beginning of this year and I often go to their free talks and launches to learn more about the magic of superfoods. I bought their newly launched Superfoods Book earlier this year and regularly stock up on their products as it ensures I get all the nutrition my body needs as a vegan. The Chia meal is my new favourite and I’ll easily eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Esse organic skincare products – the products are VEGAN and approved by Beauty Without Cruelty. 99.8% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and 14% of the total ingredients are from Organic Farming. I will do a full review on all the products on a later stage, but I can already tell you that the cocoa exfoliator and I are going to be the best of friends!

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  • Herbal Refreshing Toothpaste by Olgani Oral Care – I know this might sound weird, but my mom and I both hate the taste of “commercial” toothpaste. It makes us both feel nauseous, but obviously we don’t have a choice as we have to brush our teeth twice a day. However, this toothpaste has a very unique and intense herbal taste with a brownish colour due to its NutrireB base, which is a blend of Sea Salkt, Oryza Sativa powder and Sesamun Indicum oil. Now most people might take up to a week or two to familiarize themselves to this taste, but I instantly adored it. Eureka!
  • All natural household products from Better Earth – this is going to come in handy when Sebastian and I move into our housey together in a couple of months.
  • Buchu Tea from Cape Moondance. This tea is not only healthy, but truly delicious! Half of my first box is done already and I hid the second box away from my family – selfish I know, but it is too good to share 😉
  • Buchulife first aid gel for wounds, burns, bites, eczema, bruising and joint pain
  • 2x Bodypillow Medi-Line pillows – Sebastian immediate stole one for himself to use on those lonesome evenings without me. I named mine Fred and Fred is my new best cuddle buddy. I would rather not ask Sebastian what he named his!
  • Enough tanning products from Skinny Tan to keep me bronzed all year long
  • Eye shadow and lip balm from Couleur Caramel. I have been on the hunt for cruelty-free makeup since I met Toni from Beauty Without Cruelty SA and have only heard of the world-recognised Couleur Caramel range. Couleur Caramel products are 100% natural and organic as they us organically-grown plant-based active ingredients. They only test on volunteers under the monitoring of an independent laboratory and never on animals (yay!). They also never use pine marten bristles to make their brushes as those animals do not live well in captivity. I will do a makeup review on the products for you real soon.
  • Hair products from Giovanni eco chic hair care – At the moment I am using the Beautifully Blonde Colorflage shampoo and conditioner along with the 2chic Ultra-moist super potion anti-frizz blinding serum. It is exactly the nourishment my long blonde hair requires and it leaves my hair hydrated, conditioned, soft, subtle and strong.
  • A Head A Care headache roll on from Aromatic Apothecary
  • A Himalayan salt crystal lamp that I refuse to turn off – I was stunned by the health benefits these lamps provide and I would suggest every home to have at least one. For us, it helps most with my mom’s allergies and my restless sleeping patterns. It is also just stunningly attractive to have in your home.

Amazing right? I haven’t even had the time to book all my consultations and try out all my products, but as I do I will tell you all about them. I am absolutely overjoyed with my prizes and eternally grateful. I cannot thank Wellness Warehouse and all the above-mentioned sponsors enough for their generosity. You have all made me one SUPER happy and healthy CT Veganista. Thank you again, from the very bottom of my little vegan heart ♥

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