Lindt dark chocolate

I LOVE the fact that Lindt 70% – 99% dark chocolate bars are VEGAN! This is by far my favourite chocolate from the Lindt range and I am in heaven knowing that I can eat it. Apparently Lindt did not produce the chocolate specifically for vegans and thus people refer to the chocolate as accidently vegan. No you will note that the packaging does not state that the product is vegan and that is does state that it MAY contain traces of milk… Do not be alarmed, there is a very rational explanation for this: The reason why is classifies as vegan is due to the fact that the dark chocolate does not contain any milk, but it is produced in the Lindt factory that handles milk products.

Lindt Dark Choc

This is what they state on the official Lindt USA website: Lindt uses skim milk, whole milk powder, and other dairy ingredients in many of our chocolate products. While our white and milk chocolate products contain the most, our 70%, 85%, 90% and 99% bars do not have milk products in them. All Lindt manufacturing facilities process milk, dark, and white chocolate products. We have an allergen control program in place, and adhere to strict Good Manufacturing Practices in order to reduce the risk of cross contamination, however, we do label all of our chocolate products that do not contain milk as an ingredient with the statement “may contain traces of milk” as a precaution for those that are most sensitive to milk and whey”.

So go on vegans, put a square in your mouth and let it melt away… For me, the darker the chocolate the better! But for those who do not prefer the bitter richness of Lindt’s dark chocolate, I would suggest sticking to the 70% option. The best is that vida e caffé gives you a little sample square with each coffee you purchase – there is nothing better than a soy latte and a dark chocolate bite for an afternoon snack. I love dipping my chocolate into my soy latte… but that’s just me. Lindt is also available at most leading retailers in South Africa, so you don’t have to drive until the ends of the earth to satisfy your cravings!



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