Summer (vegan) chicken wrap

Today was an extremely hot day in the mother city with temperatures varying between 36 and 42 degrees! Thus for supper, I opted for a healthy, refreshing summer chicken wrap – 100% vegan of course!

I usually keep vegan wraps in the freezer – you can literally keep them for months and it’s a good back-up if you are pressed for time! Along with the wraps, I always have a variety of Fry’s frozen meat-free products on hand. For the wraps I used Fry’s meat free chicken-style nuggets. They cook within 8 – 10 minutes and they taste divine! I also had a bit of the kale & basil pesto left in the fridge which I made earlier this week – told you it makes for the perfect base for wraps! So within a few minutes I wrapped together this delicious dinner.


  • 1x vegan wrap
  • 4x Fry’s meat free chicken-style nuggets
  • 5x rosa tomatoes cut in lenth
  • ¼ cucumber cut in julienne strips
  • ¼ orange sweet pepper cut in julienne strips
  • A hand full of mixed lettuce leaves
  • A gallop of kale and basil pesto
  • Sweet chilly sauce (I used Wellington’s as I know it is vegan)
  • Tobasco
  • Salt & pepper for taste



  1. Spread the kale & basil pesto in the middle of the wrap
  2. Stack the lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and peppers on top of the pesto
  3. Cut the nuggets in julienne strips and add on top of the stack
  4. Add a splash of sweet chilly sauce and tobacco as well as some salt & pepper for taste
  5. Fold your wrap and enjoy!

2014-01-31 19.31.45

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