Enter now! SPCA Woefie Wandel doggie-walk

SPCA Woefie Wandel Dog Walk

I am so darn excited! The SPCA Purina Woefie Wandel doggie-walk is taking place this month (30 March 2014) and I will be acting as volunteer for registrations. What better way to spend a Sunday than on the beautiful grounds … Continue reading

Two delicious Raw Cacao & Goji Berry recipes

- Cheers to your health!

Today I played around in the kitchen with two of my favourite Superfoods: Raw Cocao and dried Goji berries. It is actually so hard to pick my preferences as there are so many superfoods that I adore and each one … Continue reading

13 delicious HUMMUS combinations

When I saw this on SHAPE online today, I knew just had to share it. Hummus is like chocolate to me and a tub literally only lasts me about three days – I’ll eat spoons-full of it as is. I need to get out of the habit of adding it to my grocery basket and start blending it more myself. It is so damn easy and MUCH friendlier to my budget. The basics are always the same – rinse and drain your beans, choose your fresh flavours and blend everything till smooth. With this chart, I will most definitely be blending my own mixtures on a more regular basis. Just watch out – the ones containing Greek yogurt is not vegan so you need to use a replacement. Here’s to Hummus!


Restaurant review: Mugg & Bean

I have always been a big fan of the legendary Mugg & Bean. I am completely addicted to their Mocca Java and House Blend coffees and love the fact that I can get up and serve myself whenever I want to. Their food has always been pretty darn good as well – a big menu offering you massive portions of delicious meals. What made me even more impressed though is that they also have VEGAN options on the menu and that they are quite accommodative in swopping food items to suit my vegan needs. They also offer soya milk as a replacement for normal milk at no extra cost (although I love my coffee black and bitter).

Since I have turned vegan, I have gone to the Canal Walk branch twice. First up was breakfast: They didn’t have a vegan breakfast on the menu, but they were completely happy with me ordering the M&B OTG breakfast and swopping the egg and bacon for grilled brown mushrooms and fried banana. Nom nom nom!

- M&B OTG breakfast with a bit of a twist

– M&B OTG breakfast with a bit of a twist

The second time around, my mom and I went for lunch during the middle of a very busy shopping-Sunday. My mom & dad actually told me about a Thai pot pie dish on the Mugg & Bean menu that said VEGAN next to it and thus I was quite intrigued to find out what it was. It was delicious – that is what it was! It is called the Thai Squash Pie (R65.90) which can be found under the comfort food section of the menu. It is made from oven-roasted butternut, sweet potato and mushrooms which is simmered in a Thai curry coconut milk sauce and topped with a crispy coriander breadcrumb topping. Strangely, I had pocket-potatoes instead of sweet potato in my dish, but it didn’t bother me much. (I would perhaps have a little bit less of the breadcrumb topping though as I am not the biggest breadcrumb fan). You experience a blast of sweet, spicy, crispy and creamy all in one bite. And to top it off you get a big portion of a basic green salad on the side. I strongly recommend this dish to all vegan friends out there – I literally liked the last drop of sauce out the bowl using my fingers. Very classy of me I know!

- M&B Vegan Thai Squash Pie

– M&B Vegan Thai Squash Pie

While paging through the menu I also spotted a vegan Moroccan Butternut, chickpea and carrot soup (R37.90)which I will go back for in winter.  Warning, they offer a lot of vegetarian dishes which are all marked with a V – these are not vegan. Both vegan dished are marked VEGAN on the menu.

For more information, you can have a look at the Mugg & Bean menu online here and follow them on Facebook here. I really appreciate restaurant willing to help out a vegan in need. Thank you Mugg & Bean and keep up the good work, I will definitely be back soon!

Four Just Popcorn flavors get the vegan stamp of approval

Just popcornI absolutely LOVE popcorn! Usually I would pop my own to ensure that is done in the healthiest way possible, but every now and again I crave it at work, in which I opt for Just Popcorn’s low-GI deliciousness – today was one of those days! However, it was the first time I had Just Popcorn since I turned vegan and I was quite taken aback when I read on the label that it is only suitable for lacto-vegetarians. The cheese, butter and cream cheese & chives flavours are understandable as it probably contains milk powder, but I held a packet of chutney flavour in my hands? So I took it upon myself to get to the bottom of this mystery…

I searched up their contact details online and called the Johannesburg head office (the Cape Town office line was busy – probably another vegan trying to source some answers). A very friendly operator named Kobus, picked up and listened carefully to my dilemma. He took down my details and promised to clarify the ingredients with the laboratory and get back to me soonest. Within 20 minutes I received a call-back from Kobus who confirmed that FOUR of their Just Popcorn flavours is indeed lactose-free! These flavours are:

  • Chutney
  • Mexican Chilly
  • Salt and Vinegar
  • And their original lightly salted flavour

The reason why some brands list milk as an allergy on their labels that due to the fact that the factory in which the product is made, makes use of it for other lactose-containing products. Thus, if by any chance the product you consume does contain lactose by mistake, they are covered from insurance claims.

I am just happy that I am still able to enjoy a bag of Just Popcorn from time to time. Thank you Kobus for being attending to my needs and getting back to me so promptly!


Just Popcorn is produced using traditional oil poppers to ensure the best tasting popcorn combined with a low glycemic index and lower fat rating. Just Popcorn is a healthy snack endorsed by the Glycemic Index Foundation of South Africa (GIFSA) and is suitable for diabetics, slimmers and active people. Just Popcorn is sold at cafeterias in office complexes, universities, schools, supermarkets and convenience stores.

Contact details: