{REVIEW} Vegan-friendly Valentine’s Dinner at Siagon

- Vegan dining at its best!

Saigon is an authentic Vietnamese restaurant in Cape Town. Sebastian actually took me there for our Valentine’s Day dinner after searching for a pleasant vegan-friendly menu for over three hours. He deserves a pat on the back for finding this … Continue reading

Enter now! SPCA Woefie Wandel doggie-walk

SPCA Woefie Wandel Dog Walk

I am so darn excited! The SPCA Purina Woefie Wandel doggie-walk is taking place this month (30 March 2014) and I will be acting as volunteer for registrations. What better way to spend a Sunday than on the beautiful grounds … Continue reading

Two delicious Raw Cacao & Goji Berry recipes

- Cheers to your health!

Today I played around in the kitchen with two of my favourite Superfoods: Raw Cocao and dried Goji berries. It is actually so hard to pick my preferences as there are so many superfoods that I adore and each one … Continue reading

13 delicious HUMMUS combinations

When I saw this on SHAPE online today, I knew just had to share it. Hummus is like chocolate to me and a tub literally only lasts me about three days – I’ll eat spoons-full of it as is. I need to get out of the habit of adding it to my grocery basket and start blending it more myself. It is so damn easy and MUCH friendlier to my budget. The basics are always the same – rinse and drain your beans, choose your fresh flavours and blend everything till smooth. With this chart, I will most definitely be blending my own mixtures on a more regular basis. Just watch out – the ones containing Greek yogurt is not vegan so you need to use a replacement. Here’s to Hummus!